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July 2019
Dear Parents / Guardians / Donors

It is with great sadness that we must announce the closing of the Reins of Hope program.
As of  07 August, 2019 there will be no further programs scheduled and in the near
future an official closing date will be announced for the Reins of Hope organization.

The lack of qualified instructors and the struggle to maintain a pool of volunteers has made it increasingly difficult to maintain a functional and productive environment for our students.  It is with deep regret that we have decided to close the organization for good.

At this time we will no longer accept applications for the program.  No further classes will
be scheduled.  We hope that in the coming months we can provide a list of alternate programs and resources to aid in this transition.  That information will be posted on social media.
We will no longer accept donations of any kind and any donations made recently will be returned.

We have truly enjoyed our time and interactions with you, and we hope that you have
benefited from this program. Your unwavering support and trust over the years has been tremendously appreciated and we will miss you. We wish the best for you all.

Reins of Hope
Board of Directors

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