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Sponsor a Horse

Sponsor a Reins of Hope Horse


When you donate to the Sponsor a Horse program, you are contributing to Reins of Hope's overall herd's needs as well as supporting the riders. The riders see these donations and are grateful that you are giving them the opportunity to ride a horse and do what they love. We at Reins of Hope are also grateful because we get to see the effect of the donations on the riders.

The donations received from the Sponsor a Horse program goes towards fulfilling the horse's nutritional needs, their veterinary care, farrier services, and as well as maintaining their tack. 

When an individual or group sponsors our horses, you will receive a photograph of one of our horses as well as a ticket to the Reins of Hope annual Ride-A-Thon. 

If you would like to donate to the Sponsor a Horse Program for Reins of Hope,

please contact one of our representatives at 607-562-8000.

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